What is monovision?

Is the monovision option right for you?

What is monovision?

When it becomes a problem with presbyopia, and if the patient has good binocular vision, it is possible to offer him in one eye corrected for distance and the other eye corrected for near. This method of correction of presbyopia is called monovision.

Monovision is a method that has long time preferred young, beginning presbyops, who want to see well at distance and also for near without changes of eyeglasses correction. It is not seeing only with one eye. The dominant eye is fully corrected for long distance and the second eye corrected for near, which is in binocular vision more or less suppressed.

Monovision is based on the principle of selection of image focused on the desired distance by visual apparatus. While monovision may lead to a lack of focus on a very large and very close distance and initially takes some time to adapt, to patients is commonly prescribed, especially for its simplicity and high initial success.

  • In myopia is dominant eye corrected for distance and non-dominant for near lesscorrection. For somebody, who do not need correction for long distance remains the dominant eye without correction and other eye is corrected for near.
  • n hypermetropia is dominant eye corrected for distance and the second eye near overcorrection.
    It is always necessary the difference in correction between dominant and non-dominant eye to take into account that there is no great breach of binocular vision. For new monovision wearers was initially recommended start to use monovision correction slowly, for the first days to try it at home. In particular, holders should avoid driving.